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aeroplaneThere’s a place just 4km north of Tullamarine airport...

January 18, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


There’s a place just 4km north of Tullamarine airport where you can park and watch various aircraft come in on their landing approaches. Well alright, not everyone’s cup of tea (although there is a coffee van there and I’m sure they’d do tea if you asked nicely) but I quite enjoyed the exercise of trying to get some pictures over the course of an hour or so.

One of my cameras had a meltdown while I was doing it and I’m not sure if this led to the dark patch on the right hand side. Turns out that part of the circuit board fried and disabled the camera’s ability to take shots on a manual exposure setting. I now have a replacement camera (that one was, in fairness, over thirty years old) so I guess I could go back and do it again - if the flight of fancy takes me.

Now that I look properly, these things are rather beautiful, aren’t they.

Meeting Mary Ellen | Leicaphilia

January 03, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
Meeting Mary Ellen | Leicaphilia:

I wrote a story about my workshop in Oaxaca, Mexico, with the wonderful photographer and teacher, Mary Ellen Mark.

Check it out! It’s a good blog.

phone phantom, cowes, 24-11-15

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phone phantom, cowes, 24-11-15

sight-seeing cruise, south yarra, november 2015

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sight-seeing cruise, south yarra, november 2015

metro, melbourne 23-12-15

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metro, melbourne 23-12-15